Tuition & Fees

Paying for Individual Courses

Sometimes finances can be complicated. But we are here to help you! Explore our tuition & fees information.

2017–18 Tuition

Cost per credit: $395

To help you plan your budget for the academic year, use this chart with estimated costs of tuition and supplies.


Item Cost per semester Annual
Tuition (based on $395 per credit, full time-12 cr per semester) $4,740 $9,480
Books and supplies (estimate) $300 $600
Computer expenses $250 $500
Total $5,290 $10,580

Please note that tuition is paid directly to University of Northwestern while the amounts listed for books and supplies, housing, transportation and personal expenses are estimated costs that each student may personally incur. They will vary for each student.

Financial Aid
Fees for Individual Courses
Payment Options
Tuition Discount
Outside Scholarships
Parent and Student Appeal Forms
How to Submit Forms
Verification Worksheets


Financial Aid

Financial Aid for online courses is available to students enrolled in Bible Certificate, Associate of Arts and Bible and Bachelor of Arts programs. Some discounts may also be available to students working in Christian ministry or education, or who have a family member currently attending Northwestern. Contact a financial aid counselor at 651-631-5105 or for more information.

For a complete breakdown of costs per degree program, contact  Undergraduate Pathways admissions at

Fees for Individual Courses

$25 application fee
$50 administrative/technology fee per course
$50 course withdrawal fee


Payment Options

University of Northwestern utilizes an electronic billing system; no paper statements mailed. Bills are produced once per month, and an automated e-mail notification is sent to the student’s Northwestern e-mail account with a link to the billing statement.

Full Payment of Tuition and Textbook Charges

Students pay the total balance of the University of Northwestern Student Account Statement the last day of the month in which they receive the first bill for the semester. A 1% late payment fee will apply for any remaining balance not paid by the end of the month.

Monthly Payments

Monthly payment plans are available by the semester. There is a fee to enroll in the plan which allows the students to make up to four payments on the account. There are no interest charges or late fees assessed to the account as long as payments are made on time.

Payment Due Dates

Payments are due the last day of each month and a $25 late fee will apply if the payment is not received on time. Students may enroll in the monthly payment plan by logging onto theROCK. Enrollment for fall begins August 1 with the first payment due August 31. Spring semester enrollment begins January 6 with the first payment due January 31. If you have any questions, feel free to contact CAGS/UP Student Accounts at 651-631-5177 or 888-362-8715 or

Employer Tuition Assistance

Although you may have a tuition assistance plan through your employer, you will still need to choose one of the two payment options above and then seek reimbursement from your employer. If your employer requires direct billing by University of Northwestern, contact the CAGS/UP Student Accounts office.


Tuition Discount

Christian Worker Discount

A tuition discount is offered to students who are currently employed as full-time pastors, missionaries, or Christian educators. Full time students (12 credits) who are eligible will receive $230 each semester; less than full-time students will recieve a prorated amount.

Your organization must send a letter verifying your full-time employment status to


Outside Scholarships

Below are websites that offer information about private scholarship options. University of Northwestern is not connected to, nor does it endorse, the companies or the awards listed on the sites linked below. This list is a sampling of the types of scholarships that are available. Legitimate companies never charge an application fee for the award they are offering and we do not recommend paying a company for the scholarship for which you are applying.

FastWEB (FastWEB is the largest and most complete scholarship search on the Internet.)

Free Scholarship Search & Resources Web Site

FinAid! (The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid)

Financial Aid Forms
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
UNW FAFSA school code: 002371

Begin the financial Aid process each year by going to and completing your FAFSA application to calculate your financial need for college. The FAFSA is the application used to applying for federal and state financial aid.


How to Submit Forms

Send completed forms to:

University of Northwestern – St. Paul
CAGS/UP Financial Aid
3003 Snelling Ave. N
St. Paul, MN 55113

Or email as attachment to

Or fax 651-628-3369


Verification Worksheets

If your FAFSA is selected for verification by the Department of Education you will need to complete a Verification Worksheet. Please complete, sign, and return the worksheet promptly. Your financial aid award cannot be determined until the verification worksheet and all requirements are received and processed.

Complete only 1 of the 5 (V1-V5) worksheets below. To avoid delays, submit the correct worksheet requested of you. You can find your Verification Worksheet number by logging on to theROCK, selecting the Finances tab, and viewing your Financial Aid Requirements.

15–16 Dependent Students

V1-Verification Worksheet (D)

V3-Verification Worksheet (D)

V4-Verification Worksheet (D)

V5-Verification Worksheet (D)

V6-Verification Worksheet (D)

15–16 Independent Students

V1-Verification Worksheet (I)

V3-Verification Worksheet (I)

V4-Verification Worksheet (I)

V5-Verification Worksheet (I)

V6-Verification Worksheet (I)


Parent & Student Appeal Forms

The Department of Education gives us limited authority to make adjustments to a student's eligibility when circumstances arise that are out of the control of the parent/student. If a parent/student feels that they have an appealable situation, this form should be completed and returned to the CAGS Financial Aid Office.

  2015–16 Parent Appeal (Parent)
  2015–16 Student Appeal (Student)


Contact Financial Aid

If you have any questions about financial aid opportunities or process, contact the CAGS Financial Aid Office: